Forest Research in Kerala

Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) is a multidisciplinary team of experts conducting research on tropical forests and forestry. This Institute has contributed significantly to research in tropical forestry and biodiversity conservation over the past three decades of its existence. Founded in 1975, Institute is envisioned as a Centre of Excellence in Tropical Forestry to provide scientific support for decision making on matters related to forestry, with particular emphasis on conservation, sustainable utilization and scientific management of natural resources. KFRI became a part of the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) along with five other R&D Centres of the State, when the KSCSTE was constituted in 2002.


The 5th Dr. K. M. Bhat Memorial award was given to Ms. Smitha K. John, Agricultural Officer, Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala. Her doctoral work on “Impact of organic carbon matter management strategy on sequestration of soil carbon and productivity of teak plantations on utisols in Kerala”, publications and their social relevance, won her the award.


Award for 2013 is presented to Mr. P.A. Vinayan by Mr. P.N. Unnikrishnan IFS. Vinayan is an inde- pendent researcher grown up in Manantha- vady, Wayanad, Kerala. He is a self-made field biologist specialising on bird communities while working closely with birding communities in Kerala and outside. An expert in birds, butterflies and odonata, Vinayan has no formal training or higher degrees in biology. Being an organic and responsive nature lover he has inspired and spearheaded many nature conservation campaigns and grassroots level nature education programmes in the region.
Peechi, Thrissur 10°31'48"N 76°20'50"E
  • Web Portal on RET Plants of Southern Western Ghats
    First comprehensive database Database on Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) plants of Southern Western Ghats in searchable format.

  • Indian Forestry Abstracts
    Indian Forestry Abstracts (IFA) is a new venture of KFRI to present a comprehensive bibliography of current forestry literature published in India, along with an abstract for each citation.

  • KFRI herbarium goes online
    The online herbaria is powered by an custom made efficient search engine and general features of the herbarium are one of the best among the online herbariums.

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