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In addition to the main website ' (', KFRI team members maintain the following blogs.


TEAM KFRI is official blog of KFRI Alumni. This initiative aims to organize all of our alumni members, Research Scholars and well-wishers. Imparting love towards science, social responsibilities, sports and games among team members is the agenda behind the formation of this forum. Our website performs as an open platform for expression, communication, discussion and sharing of knowledge. It aims to improve scientific aptitude, photography and writing skills. It facilitates information and knowledge exchange, opportunities and academic supports. We endeavor to uphold the commitment for sustainable environment and welfare of the State.

KFRI Library

Objective of this blog is to make KFRI library users abreast of the latest developments in the library by providing details about the library activities, new additions, book reviews, notification about forthcoming events, new resources etc. We welcome your thoughts and comments on the reading selections and invite you to suggest titles for future blogs.

Tree Help Blog

Queries related to tree planting and management like site selection, species site matching, planting, thinning, soil testing, fertilization, pest, disease and weed management, multi-species interactions, tree/wood sample identification, preservative treatment of wood and economic valuation of natural resources are attended by the helpline.

Forest Discussions

Objective of this blog is to share and discuss about research on tropical forests and forestry. The commenting system is powered by Disqus, you’ll need to create a username and password to work with their system. All you need is a valid email address.

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