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Ongoing Projects

RP-613 Growth model for Acacia auriculiformis in relation to soil conditions in Kerala more
RP-614 Genetic diversity and conservation of Teak phase II more
RP-616 Tree flora of Kerala more
RP-618/2011 Pilot scale micro-propagation of important forestry species more
RP-620 Population ecology of the Lion tailed macaque in Silent Valley National Park, its buffer zones and Muthikulam High Value Biodiversity Area more
RP-621 Appraisal of Forest Rights Act, 2006-Implementation among the primitive tribal groups (PTGs) in Kerala more
RP-622 Development experiences of selected groups of Scheduled Tribes in the Kerala part of Western Ghats more
RP-627 Preparation of protocols for availing carbon finances for forests of Kerala more
RP-627 Establishment of permanent plots in all forest types along the elevation gradient for continous monitoring of climate change induced variations more
RP-627 Long term studies on climate change more
RP-627 Reinvestigating study plots established by KFRI during 1975-2010 to measure forest migration, range shifts of species and compositional changes in the context of climate change more
RP-627 Seed ecological and regeneration studies on key stone species of the evergreen and moist decidous forest ecosystems more
RP-628 Population structure, carbon sequestration, litter dynamics, propagation, economics and livelihood potential of Pseudoxyanthera ritcheyi and Ochlanra setigara-Two rare bamboo species of Kerala more
RP-629 Impact of climate change on growth dynamics of tropical tree species in the Western Ghat region as evidenced from dendroecological studies more
RP-632/2012 Environmental lmpact of Pesticide Application in Cardamom Hill Reserves (CHR) of Southern Western Ghats more
RP-640/2012 Establishment of district medicinal plants demonstration garden at KFRI sub centre, Nilambur, Malapuram district, Kerala more
RP-641/2012 Establishment of a Greeb Belt and Mosaic Planting for Phytoremediation at Campus of Nitta Gelatin Korattyt more
RP-642/2012 Assesment of ecosystem services for conservation and management of sacred groves in Kerala part of W.ghats more
RP-643/2012 Wild animal kilts and its causative factors in selected forest roads in Kerala more
RP-644/2012 Evalution of indigenous methods of nursery techniques for medicinal plants more
RP-645/2012 Soil organic carbon pool and its dynamics in the managed teak plantations of Kerala Western Ghats more
RP-649/2012 Phenology & seed dispersal of trees in the wet evergreen forests of Silent Valley,Western Ghats more
RP-650/2012 Influence of fungal disease on phytochemical composition of selected medicinal plants with special reference to secondart metabolites more
RP-651/2012 Vegetative propagation of selected medicinal plants for enrichment of resources phase III more
RP-652/2012 Developing strategies for bio-cultural restoration conservation and management of lateritic biotopes in north Kerala more
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