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PhDs in progress

Diversity of tree hole
Dr. TK Hrideek , Bharati Patel (Uni: FRI-U,)

Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Remya Unnikrishnan (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. VB Sreekumar, Thasini VM (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. S Sandeep, Ninu Jose M (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. VB Sreekumar, Harishma KM (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. S Sandeep, Vishnu PS (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. S Sandeep, Renuka R (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. MP Sujatha , Divya Soman (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Swathi Balakrishnan (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. KA Sreejith, Arya Krishnan (Uni: FRI-U,)
Breeding of Terminalia paniculata
Dr. TK Hrideek , Sanal C. Viswanath (Uni: CU,)
Invasive species genetics
Dr. TK Hrideek , Akhil Sen (Uni: CU,)
Invasive species variability
Dr. TK Hrideek , Muraleekrishnan K. (Uni: CU,)
Foraging ecology of birds on the kole wetlands of Kerala, India.
Dr. EA Jayson , Greeshma P (Uni: CUSAT,)
Molecular phylogeny of Rattans of South India.
Dr. EM Muralidharan , Anoja Kurian (Uni: CUSAT,)
Ecology of Kavvai River Basin – A Fragmentaed Landscape in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Alex C.J (Uni: CUSAT,)
Tracing the invasion: Molecular phylogeography and phyloclimatic modeling of the Giant African Snal Achatina fulica (Bowdich, 1882) in South India.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Keerthy Vijayan (Uni: FRI-U,)
Regional differences in phenotypic and phytochemical profiles of selected medicinal plants in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Neethu R.S (Uni: FRI-U,)

Dr. VB Sreekumar, Sijimol K (Uni: FRI-U,)
A study on population dynamics of two threatened Myristica species of Western Ghats, Kerala in the context of climate change
Dr. PA Jose, Anuraj, K (Uni: CU,)
Study of the constraints in efficient micropropagation of bamboo.
Dr. EM Muralidharan , Vidya R. Sankar (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. R Jayaraj, Alina Paul (Uni: CUSAT,)
Studies on clonal propagation and seed germplasm storage with references to domestication of Baccaurea courtallensis (Wight) Muell.- Arg. and Flacourtia montana Graham - two wild edible fruit trees of Western Ghats, Kerala.
Dr. PA Jose, Rasmi, C.K (Uni: CU,)
Ecophysiological and Biochemical studies on seed viability loss in Dysoxylum malabaricum Bedd. and Persea macrantha (Nees.) Kosterm. - two threatened tree species of Western Ghats, Kerala.
Dr. PA Jose, Vidya P.R. (Uni: CU,)
Project Fellow- Invasive species Management
Dr. TK Hrideek , J.Krishnapriya (Uni: CU,)

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