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National Seminar on Forestry, Plant Genetics and Improvement

National Seminar on Forestry, Plant Genetics, and Improvement jointly organized by KFRI and Gregor Mendel Foundation, University of Calicut was held at Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi on 3-4th December 2019. The two-day seminar was inaugurated by Padmasree M C Dathan, Scientific Advisor to Chief Minister of Kerala. Along with the inaugural function, Dr. J Thomas, former Rubber Production Commissioner gave the keynote address. The seminar has been attended by about 150 participants including 104 delegates from 24 organizations across the country. 

The seminar was organized into six sessions/themes for deliberations and each session was chaired by an eminent scientist who made substantial contributions in the respective domain of research. In all the sessions, lead talks by experienced scientists/ academicians were also arranged which was followed by oral presentations by participants.

The first session was on Genetic Diversity Assessment, Conservation, and Management of Genetic Resources. In this session, there were 19 presentations. The second session was on Genetic Improvement and Breeding for Climate Change Mitigation and a total of 6 papers were presented. Session three was on Extension and Participatory Research to Empower Communities and Improve Local self-governance. Seven papers were presented in session three. 

The fourth session was on Management of Forest and Crop Plants for Enhancing Human health benefits and there were 10 papers for presentations in this session. A total of 24 papers were presented in the fifth session on Current developments in Biotechnology and Biochemistry for climate resilience. The sixth session was the last one and it was on the theme Forest /crop protection in the context of the climate change scenario. There were 9 presentations in this session.

The photo gallery of this event is available in our gallery section. Click to view the camera icon at the bottom of this page.

Published on: December 12, 2019

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