Teak Museum

Kerala Forest Research Institute and Kerala Forest Department jointly opened a Museum featuring exclusively on various aspects of Teak at Nilambur on 21st May 1995. The Teak Museum aims to disseminate information on various aspects of teak- history, cultivation, management, ecology, utilisation and economics. This is the only museum in the world established for featuring aspect of a single tree species. The double storied museum exhibits articles describing the historical, aesthetic and scientific aspects concerning teak tree. While the ground floor houses the exhibits of historical and aesthetic value, the first floor is mostly devoted to exhibits and information of scientific nature. A Teak Information System with touch screen facility in the museum helps visitors to access information on various aspects of teak tree such as habit and distribution, history, morphology, cultivation, harvesting, timber, utilization etc. The Museum also has a library with world literature on teak and a mini auditorium for audiovisual presentations. The Museum is one-stop shop for information to all those who are interested in knowing about the unique tree. The Teak Museum and Bioresources Nature Park of Nilambur are most favoured centers of ecotourism and eco-education in the region and they together contribute significantly to increasing public awareness, education and training on biodiversity conservation and its sustainable utilization.