Dr. P Sujanapal

Principal Scientist
Department of Silviculture

Phone: 91 - 487 - 2690218
Mobile: 9447851737
e-mail: sujanapal@kfri.res.in , sujanapalp@gmail.com
Dr. P. Sujanapal has extensive research experience in plant resources of Western Ghats and Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos Archipelago. He has exclusively covered most of the habitats in these phytogeographical regions. Currently, he is involved in inventories of medicinal plants, restoration and resource augmentation of commercially important and threatened taxa, urban greening, cyber extension model for agricultural crops & trees of Western Ghats, EIA studies, mangrove ecosystem, Invasive Alien Plants, popularisation of indigenous species and medicinal plants and Quality Planting Material production through systematic studies on seed biology & nursery techniques.

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