Dr. Adarsh C.K.

Junior Scientist/Scientist B
Department of Silviculture
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi P.O, Thrissur District
Kerala - 680653, India.
Phone: 91-487-2690162
Mobile: 9497742176
e-mail: adarshck@kfri.res.in , adarshckcof09@gmail.com
Dr. Adarsh C. K. has been working in the Silviculture Department with more emphasis in forest ecology, forest mensuration, dendrochronology, forest health assessments and eco-restoration activities. His expertise is on the floristics and edaphic attributes of forest ecosystems of Western Ghats as well as plantation forestry, forest pathology, and wood science & technologies. He has been working in forest ecosystems of Kerala for more than one decade. He has also acquired profound experience on the taxonomy and ecology of butterflies, odonates, spiders and polypores of Western Ghats. Moreover, He is proficient with the EIA and carrying capacity assessments. During the M.Sc and Ph.D. programmes, he conducted extensive studies in diversity and ecology of polypores including dead wood dynamics and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems of Kerala. He has conducted studies on the sustainable harvesting, processing, and value addition of forest products of Kerala with more emphasis on NWFPs. In addi

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