Dr. PK Thulasidas

Phone: 91 - 487 - 2690283
Mobile: 9447890856
e-mail: thulasidas@kfri.res.in , pktdas@gmail.com
Dr. PK Thulasidas holds PhD in Wood Science & Technology and has extensive research experience in wood anatomy, identification, quality assessment and durability. He has also specialized in rattan anatomy & characterisation and non-destructive testing of wood using NIRs. Dr. Thulasidas is in charge of timber identification and testing services offered to the wood based industries, public sector organisations/judiciary and to the general public. His current research interests include pulping characteristics of reed bamboos (Ochlandra spp) and genetic diversity and wood variability of natural Teak populations and evaluation of wood quality of teak clonal plantations and projects on dendroecological studies to understand the growth dynamics of tropical tree species in the Western Ghats due to climate change effects. Besides these, Evaluation of Ochlandra germplasm is carried out through mass propagation and field trials of elites. He is currently serving as Coordinator, IUFRO Teakwood Working Party