Dr. KA Sreejith

Principal Scientist
Department of Forest Ecology

Phone: 91 - 487 - 2690233
Mobile: 7907082434
e-mail: sreejith@kfri.res.in , kalpuzhasreejith@gmail.com
Dr.K.A. Sreejith got his PhD from FRI, Dehradun and he is actively involved in field oriented studies of tropical forests in Western Ghats. By monitoring large number of Permanent Sample Plots across the state he is trying to elucidate the vegetation dynamics of major forest ecosystem of Southern Western Ghats. In addition to small sized plots (0.2 ha to 1 ha.) he is maintaining and monitoring a large scale permanent plot (10 ha) in evergreen forest of Sholayar, which follows CTFS protocol (USA). He tries to understand the fundamental ecological and physiological processes of plants and their relations with different environmental factors.

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