Dr. VV Sudheendrakumar

Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi P.O, Thrissur District
Kerala - 680653, India
Phone: 91 - 487 - 2690311
Mobile: 9495105325
e-mail: sudhi@kfri.res.in
Dr. V.V. Sudheendrakumar, Scientist F at Department of Entomology has more than three decades of research experience ein insect pest management, biocontrol agents, biopesticides, ecology and population dynamics of forest insects, insect taxonomy and diversity. He is Deputy Chairman, IUFRO Working Party on Protection of forests in the tropics. His previous works include quantification of the impact of defoliators on wood increment in teak plantations; elucidation of the population dynamics of teak defoliators through ecological and molecular methods generating information on biological control agents of forest insect pests etc. the research culminated in development of a biocontrol strategy involving a baculovirus for managing the teak defoliator pest and development of a biopesticide using nucleopolyhedrovirus against the teak defoliator and its popularisation and has received patent for the same.

Currently he coordinates the Tree Health Helpline Desk in KFRI for the benefi