Forest Genetics and Biotechnology Biotechnology


Molecular biology facility focus over the conservation and genetic improvement of forest trees through genomic and transcriptomic approaches. Department has strong background in forest genomics and has undertaken various national and international projects for the estimation of spatial population genetic structure, gene flow parameters, genetic diversity status of natural populations/ provenances/clones deploying genome wide molecular marker surveys viz. isozymes, RAPD, AFLP, ISSR and microsatellites. Extensive work has also been carried out in the molecular characterisation of soil microbiota of plantations as well natural populations using 16SrDNA sequenes, which is used for identification of families, genera and species of bacteria and also to infer phylogenetic relationships.

Current areas of research include,
  • Functional genomics to improve the quality and productivity of forests
  • EST based association mapping for adaptive traits.
  • DNA barcoding of forest trees
  • Molecular Diagnosis of haemoglobin genetic disorders
  • Population Genetics of Forest trees

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Capability development in instrumental methods of analysis
  2. Technology for low-cost micro-propagation for Bambusa balcooa and Thyrostachys oliverii
  3. Pilot scale micro-propagation of important forestry species
  4. Forest programme for KFD in teak bamboo and other important forestry species
  5. BTSG - Interaction Workshop for State Mission Directors.
  6. BTSG - High-Tech bamboo nurseries and production of quality planting material.
  7. BTSG - Certification of Bamboo planting material.
  8. BTSG - Project Coordination
  9. DNA barcoding and fingerprinting as valuable molecular tools for the certification of planting materials in bamboo.
  10. DNA barcoding as a valuable molecular tool for certification of bamboo plantation material
  11. Exploring the potential for hybridization in bamboo species in flower in KFRI Bambusetum
  12. Quantification of antibiotic gene expression levels in Bacillus subtilis during co-inhibition of rubberwood sapstain fungus using real-time PCR
  13. Bamboo Technical Support Group - KFRI
  14. BTSG - Tools for management and harvesting operations in bamboo
  15. BTSG - Coordination

Ongoing Extension Projects

  1. Enrichment of microbial culture collection at KFRI
  2. DNA Barcoding of life forms.
  3. Maintenance of the central Instrumentation Unit.

Contact: Dr. EM Muralidharan
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi 680653, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: +91-487-2690192