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Ongoing Projects

RP- 658/2013 Assessment of medicinal plant resources of Northern Kerala more
RP- 682/2014 Kerala Forest And Environment Index (KF&E-Index) more
RP- 683/2014 Plant metabolic studies in the genus Embelia found in Kerala. more
RP- 684/2014 Ecology and restoration of Cynometra beddomei and Kingiodendron pinnatum two endemic and endangered tree legumes of Western Ghats of Kerala. more
RP- 687/2014 Foraging ecology of selected birds in the Kole wetlands of Kerala, India. more
RP- 690/2014 Network project on conservation of Lac insect genetic resources more
RP- 691/2014 Fire as a Management Tool: A case study from selected forest ecosystems in Kerala. more
RP- 692/2014 Ecology and patch dynamics of the endangered grizzled giant squirrel, Ratuya macroura dandolena habitats in South India with special reference to its conservation more
RP- 702/2015 Development of biomarkers as a predictive tool for organophosphate toxicity in terrestrial ecosystem more
RP- 703/2015 Long-term monitoring of forest ecosystem dynamics: Phase I: Establishment of 10 ha. permanent plot in tropical wet evergreen forest of Kerala more
RP- 704/2015 Plant growth promoting Rhizosphere and Rhizoplane Fungi of grasses and their ability to control important fungal diseases of forest nurseries more
RP- 705/2015 Ecology and conservation genetics of Atuna indica and Hydnocarpus longipedunculatus –two rare and endemic trees in the Kerala part of the Western Ghats more
RP- 706/2015 Exploring the potential for hybridization in bamboo species in flower in KFRI Bambusetum more
RP- 707/2015 Study on reproductive constrains and seed characteristics of Terminalia paniculata more
RP- 708/2015 Developing a digital library for the Teak Museum more
RP- 710/2015 Bioactivity guided fratination and mechanistic elucidation of biomolecules from Cocculus iaurifolius DC. Of Southern Western Ghats more
RP- 711/2015 Genetic improvement of selected tree species-Phase I:Establishment of germplasm collection at KFRI more
RP- 713/2015 Factors affecting roosting ecology of birds in Kerala more
RP- 714/2016 Pedogenic influences on vegetation dynamics in major forested wetlands of Kerala Western Ghats more
RP- 715/2016 Developing a sampling methodology for the snail Achatina fulica and to estimate the population size in infested sites of Kerala more
RP- 716/2016 Exploration of medicinal plant resources of Lakshadweep island with special reference to indigenous knowledge more
RP- 717/2016 Wood balance study in Kerala more
RP- 718/2016 Documentation of population demography and genetic structure of teak for developing sustainable conservation strategies and resource management more
RP- 719/2016 Genetic Improvement of Selected Tree Species- Phase I: Plus Tree Selection, Standardization of the Propagation Techniques, Establishment of Seed Orchard and Clonal Hedge Garden more
RP- 721/2016 Economic valuation of ecosystem services in the moist deciduous forests of Kerala more

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