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Ongoing Projects

RP- 722/2016 Authentication of major commercially traded raw drugs in the Ayurvedic systems of medicine in India more
RP- 723/2016 The medicinal plants market in South India: Economic value and tribal rights more
RP- 724/2016 Development of management protocols for already established invasive alien species in the protected and other forests of Kerala more
RP- 725/2016 Establishment of a Herbal Garden as a peri-urban green space of Nilambur, Malappuram District, Kerala more
RP- 726/2016 Bird hazard to aircrafts in the Cochin Naval Air Station(INS Garuda) more
RP- 727/2016 i STED DST Project on Facilitating the establishment of Bamboo and Cane Enterprises through training and technology transfer. more
RP- 728/2016 Exploration of medicinal plant resources of Panju islands of Maharashtra more
RP- 729/2016 Collection, Identification, documentation, exploration and conservation of biodiversity of parasitic foliicolous hyphomycetous fungi from Tarai forests flora of Uttar Pradesh more
RP- 730/2016 Tracking the invasion of Achatina Fulica and its role in spreading the rat lung worm Angiostrongylos cantonensis more
RP- 731/2017 DNA Barcoding a promising molecular tool for timber forensis more
RP- 733/2017 Compilation of Indian Forestry Abstracts (IFA) Phase III more
RP- 734/2017 Foraging ecology of birds in the kole wetlands of Kerala, India more
RP- 736/2017 Assessment of ecosystem services from Parambikulam Tiger Reserve more
RP- 737/2017 Pedogenesis and geochemical transformations in forest ecosystems of Western Ghats, Kerala more
RP- 738/2017 Modelling carbon sequestration and its dynamics in the mangrove systems of Kerala more
RP- 739/2017 Evaluation of Phenotypic and Phytochemical profiles of selected medicinal plants from different agro- climatic conditions of Kerala more
RP- 740/2017 Molecular fingerprints and geochemical interaction of organo-nano composites from forest floor humic acids in Western Ghats, Kerala more
RP- 741/2017 Chemistry and transformation of clay minerals under continuous teak rotations of Kerala Western Ghats more
RP- 742/2017 Reproductive traits and phenology of endemic plant species in New Amarambalam reserved forests of Nilagiri Biosphere more
RP- 743/2017 Using soundscapes to examine spatio temporal ecological dynamics and assess biodiversity of a protected area in the Western Ghats more
RP- 744/2017 Exploring the possibility of developing Semiochemical based control strategy for the management of Cossus cadambae- the borer pest of Tectona granidis through isolation & identification of its pheromone system more
RP- 745/2017 Long term monitoring of Strobilanthes kunthianus in Eravikulam National Park-Phase I. more
RP- 746/2017 Evaluation of selected clones of Teak through multi site testing to identify site specific clones for large scale plantations. more
RP- 747/2017 Establishment of Nodal Centre of Alien Invasive Species research and management more
RP- 748/2017 Resolving species complexes using molecular systematics: a case study of few taxa in the Western Ghats more
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