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Ongoing Projects

RP-748/2017 Resolving species complexes using molecular systematics: a case study of few taxa in the Western Ghats more
RP-749/2018 Restoration and reassessment of selected IUCN listed endangered tress in the Western Ghats more
RP-750/2018 Demographic Survey and Restoration of two Endangered variants of ‘Daruharidra’, Berberis tinctoria Lesch. and Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr. in Western Ghats. more
RP-751/2018 Seasonal influence on phenology of woody species in a tropical wet evergreen forest of southern Western Ghats, India more
RP-752/2018 Biodiversity characterization at community level in India using Earth observation data more
RP-753/2018 Historical review of ecological and development trajectory of various sectors in anamalais and highranges of the southern Western Ghats more
RP-754/2018 studies of the effect of elicitors and precursor feeding on in vitro production of secondary metabolites and plant growth in Oroxylum indicum more
RP-755/2018 Sophisticated analytical instrumentation facility more
RP-756/2018 Management of destructive invasive alien species in the high range mountain landscape of Munnar in the Western Ghats of Kerala more
RP-757/2018 Bioactivity and mechanistic studies of certain botanical extracts for their potential application as biopesticides more
RP-758/2018 Mapping, Biodiversity inventory and tree health assessment of KFRI campus more
RP-759/2018 Flood mapping of Palakkad, Thrissur and Eranakulam Districts more
RP-760/2018 Studies on pattern of usage of pesticides and their impact on the ecosystem of plantation and adjacent areas in GEF-Munnar landscape project area more
RP-761/2018 Study on diversity and current status of fish and fisheries in GEF-Munar landscape project area more
RP-762/2018 Study on the impact of invasive plant species on ecology of GEF-Munnar landscape project area more
RP-763/2018 Impact of flood on floral elements and soil biota in Pamba, Periyar, Bharathapuzha and Chalakkudy Rivers in Kerala more
RP-764/2018 Population dynamics of selected endemic and threatened trees in the protected areas of Kerala: Temporal analysis in the contest of climate change more
RP-765/2019 Morpho-molecular charactrization and ex-situ conservation of phytopathogenic fungi of arala, Wildlife Sanctuary, kerala evaluation of antifungal efficiency of five selected medicinal plants leaf extracts against isolated most phytopathogenic fungi more

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