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Ongoing Projects

RP- 749/2018 Restoration and reassessment of selected IUCN listed endangered tress in the Western Ghats more
RP-399 Demonstrating the effect of controlling the teak defoliator on volume increment in teak in the permanent plots established at Nilambur more
RP-401 Productivity and growth studies on sympodial bamboos and establishment of a monopodial Bambusetum more
RP-403 Growth and yield studies in species trial plots establisahed by KFRI more
RP-415 Maintenance of provenance trial plots of eucalypts and acacia and devlopment of new clones for establishment of Clonal Multiplication Area (CMA) more
RP-438 Improvement of Teak through genetic evaluation more
RP-440 Enriching of Live Collections of Wild Orchids and Ferns of Kerala and preparation of an illustrated manual more
RP-441 Enrichment of insect culture collections at KFRI more
RP-442 Habitat enrichment in the butterfly garden at KFRI campus Peechi more
RP-444 Strengthening and enriching the Palmetum more
RP-445 Strengthening medicinal plants garden in the Peechi campus more
RP-449 Participatory Forest Management and Ecodevelopment alternatives: Initiatives and challenges in Kerala more
RP-473 Recording of weather data at different centers of KFRI more
RP-474 Establishment of a Clonal Multiplication Area for teak more
RP-483 Enrichment of microbial culture collections at KFRI more
RP-490 Organising educational programmes at Teak Museaum KFRI Subcentre Nilambur more
RP-499 Improving the yield and reducing the rotation age of teak plantations through superior clonal teak more
RP-501 Strengthening and enriching Institute Central Nursery more
RP-505 Strengthening and documentation of Wildlife Museum more
RP-506 Strengthening of floristic diversity in the KFRI Subcentre campus through planting and weed management more
RP-512 Capability development in instrumental methods of analysis more
RP-516 Species recovery of Dipterocarpus bourdillonii and Humboldtia bourdillonii two critically endangered endemic trees of Western Ghats more
RP-525 Establishment of a soil museum at KFRI more
RP-533 Establishment of a Taxonomic Garden in the KFRI Sub Centre Campus more
RP-536 Establishment of a Bamboo Technical Support Group for South Zone under National Bamboo Mission more
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