Divisions Forest Management Information System

Forest Management Information System

The information needs of the stakeholders of forestry sector are met by the Division of Forest Management Information System using modern tools of statistics, GIS and remote sensing. Creation of databases on biophysical and socio-economic aspects pertaining to forests, forest sector analysis and projections, mapping forest cover and biodiversity, and modeling the growth dynamics of plantations and natural forests for effective management are some of the major works carried out in the Division. The Division has also developed a growth simulator for teak plantations in Kerala. Ecological studies on the Shola forests of Kerala based on remote sensing data and simultaneous calibration of allometric relations in teak stands were achieved using multilevel models. Stand modeling, biodiversity mapping, ecosystem analysis, GIS, forest resource mapping, population analysis and organization of a data bank of forestry in Kerala are programmes in various stages of implementation.

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Risk assessment and development of management protocols for alien invasive ants of Kerala
  2. Evaluation of bioactive principles from entomofungi for insect pest management
  3. Developing a sampling mathodology for the snail Achatina fulica and to estimate the population size in infested sites of Kerala

Ongoing Extension Projects

The Departments under this program division are
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Kerala Forest Research Institute
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e-mail: fims@kfri.res.in



  1. Dr. Shijo Joseph