Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation Non-Timber Forest Produces

Non-Timber Forest Produces

Non-Timber Forest Produces (NTFP) department takes up studies on ethnobotany, sustainable extraction of NTFPs, phyto-chemical analysis and systematic studies on the NTFPs. Ethnobotany, a highly promising branch of science is a point of convergence of various related subjects like ethnomedicine, ethnopharmacology, etc. Identification of target molecules through phyto-chemical analysis makes its application precise and purpose oriented. Once the active ingredients of a species is identified and separated, their presence can be examined in other plants also. This reduces the pressure on the traditional source and thereby the threat of depletion.

One of the ways to sustain NTFP resources is through sustainable harvesting. For sustainable harvesting should be proportionate to the regeneration rate of the resource. The capacity of NTFP species to regenerate after different rate of harvesting is measured by regeneration index method. Regeneration index of important annual and biennial NTFP species were studied and their sustainable harvesting standardized.

The Conservation is as important as generation of information as part of the ex situ conservation, a live collection of 420 NTFP species are maintained in the institute. The NTFP Dept. also holds a reference collection of authentic raw drugs.

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Strengthening medicinal plants garden in the Peechi campus
  2. Tree flora of Kerala
  3. Environmental lmpact of Pesticide Application in Cardamom Hill Reserves (CHR) of Southern Western Ghats
  4. Biospectrum analysis of Cocculus laurifolius DC from Southern Western Ghats.
  5. Development of biomarkers as a predictive tool for organophosphate toxicity in terrestrial ecosystem
  6. Bioactivity guided fratination and mechanistic elucidation of biomolecules from Cocculus iaurifolius DC. Of Southern Western Ghats

Ongoing Extension Projects

  1. One week compulsory training course on Conservation and Develoopmnet of Medicinal plants and its benefits sharing with local communiites
  2. Competence building on analytical instrumentation and maintenance of Central Instrumentation Unit.

Contact: Head of the Department
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi 680653, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: +91-487-2690291



  1. Dr. R Jayaraj

Research Scholars

  1. Dantas K.J.
  2. Alina Paul