Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biology

The forests of Kerala contain a rich fauna which include a wide variety of birds and mammals. The department is engaged in:
  • Monitoring the population of wildlife in Protected areas in Kerala
  • Documentation of their distribution
  • Studies on the ecology and behaviour of selected species
  • Habitat utilization, requirements and resource availability of wildlife in PAs
  • Human-Wildlife interaction and management

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Strengthening and documentation of Wildlife Museum
  2. Assessment of crop damage by wild animals in Trichur District Kerala
  3. Population ecology of the Lion tailed macaque in Silent Valley National Park, its buffer zones and Muthikulam High Value Biodiversity Area
  4. Wild animal kilts and its causative factors in selected forest roads in Kerala
  5. Assessment of human-wildlife conflict and mitigation measures in northern Kerala
  6. Ecology of Anuran Communities of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve with special focus on reed inhabiting frogs
  7. Development and management of Research and Office Information system- facility development
  8. Planing for conservation effectiveness in Forest Management ways to improve Monitoring and community involvement
  9. Foraging ecology of selected birds in the Kole wetlands of Kerala, India.
  10. Status, distribution, threat assessment and estimation of abundance of fish species in Chaliyar River System.
  11. Factors affecting roosting ecology of birds in Kerala

Ongoing Extension Projects

  1. Maintenance, documentation and preparation of the Wildlife Museum of KFRI

Contact: Head of the Department
Kerala Forest Research Institute
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Tel: +91-487-2690272