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Ongoing Projects

RP-547 Optimizing management of bamboo stands using growth simulation models more
RP-548 Quality improvement of organic manures for reducing soil health hazards more
RP-551 Ecophysiological responses of tree species to elevation gradient in the shola forests of Kerala more
RP-552 Assessment of crop damage by wild animals in Trichur District Kerala more
RP-559 Developing appropriate technology and establishing a plant for activated carbon production from coconut shells for community based organizations more
RP-564 Role of bamboo in sustainable rural livelihood in South India more
RP-567 Species recovery of selected endangered rattan species of the Western Ghats more
RP-569 Effect of crop rotation with short duration tree crops on the nutrient status of soil in clear felled teak plantation sites more
RP-571 Kerala Forestry Statistical Database Data Mining and Information Dissemination more
RP-572 Technology for low-cost micro-propagation for Bambusa balcooa and Thyrostachys oliverii more
RP-574 Computerisation of KFRI Library more
RP-575 Standardisation of bamboo cultivation practices for homesteads of Kerala Phase II more
RP-576 A Compendium of project profiles and a digital archive of project records in KFRI more
RP-580 Development of a prophylactic control strategy for managing the mahagony shoot borer Hypsyphyla robusta in trial plantations more
RP-584 Establishment of tree health helpline for the State of Kerala more
RP-592 Growing stock of timber and industrial wood outside forests in Kerala more
RP-593 Storage practices in recalcitrant tropical forest seeds of Western Ghats more
RP-599 Spatial distribution and invasion dynamics of invasive alien weed, Mimosa diplotricha, in the Kerala part of Western Ghats more
RP-602 Standardization for enhanced production of antagonistic principle by Bacillus subtilis and Streptomycete for the control of sapstain on rubber wood more
RP-603 Use, management and nuitritive value of edible non-crop plants in agroforestry and tribal landscapes of Kerala more
RP-605 Seed handling in selected forest tree species and medicinal herbs of Kerala more
RP-606 Analysis of soil samples from kanor tree crops and agroforestry systems of Thrissur District, Kerala more
RP-607 A decision support system for monitoring and forecasting timber prices of Kerala State more
RP-609 Conservation through restoration of two endemic endangered trees of Western Ghats of Kerala more
RP-610 Preparation of a wetland atlas of Kerala more
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