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Ongoing Projects

RP-653/2012 Assessment of human-wildlife conflict and mitigation measures in northern Kerala more
RP-654/2012 Ecology of Anuran Communities of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve with special focus on reed inhabiting frogs more
RP-655/2012 Structure,composition,dyanamics and management of vayal ecosystem system in Periyar Tiger Reserve more
RP-656/2013 Regeneration dynamics propagation and restoration of selected rare and threatened rattans in the Kerala parts of Western Ghats more
RP-657/2013 Conservation through restoration of wild nutmeg tree populations of Western Ghats of Kerala more
RP-658/2013 Assessment of medicinal plant resources of Northern Kerala more
RP-659/2013 An information system for forest of Kerala more
RP-660/2013 Genetic improvement of teak-Phase II Establishment of clonal hedge gardens and seed orchad more
RP-661/2013 Population analysis seed biology and restoration of Hopea erosa and H racophloea two critically endangered trees of Western Ghats more
RP-662/2013 Forest programme for KFD in teak bamboo and other important forestry species more
RP-663/2013 Ex-situ conservation of wild orchids of Western Ghats India more
RP-664/2013 Development and management of Research and Office Information system- facility development more
RP-665/2013 Introducing biochar for enhancing the quality of degraded soils of plantation forestry sector in Kerala. more
RP-666/2013 Popularisation of weed composting technology for soil carbon requestiation and livelihood improvement of rural poor. more
RP-667 Evaluation of Ochlandra germplasm mass propagation and field trials of elites more
RP-667/2013 Evaluation of Octilanda germplasm,mass propagation and field trials of elites-phase 2 more
RP-669/2013 Digitisation of selected Books in KFRI Libraray-Phase2. more
RP-670/2013 Information System on Medicinal Plant of Kerala more
RP-671/2013 Compilation of Indian Forestry Abstracts Phase 2 more
RP-672/2013 Planing for conservation effectiveness in Forest Management ways to improve Monitoring and community involvement more
RP-673/2013 Systematics,Phylogeny and biogeography of dipterocorps in the Western Ghtas more
RP-674/2013 Largescale Restoration of Dysoxylum malabaricum Bedd ex Hietn and coscinium fenestratum colebr,two endangered and important medicinal plants of Western Ghats more
RP-675/2013 Genetic improvement of Teak phase - I Locating plus trees and establishment of Clonal Hedge Garden and Clonal Seed orchards more
RP-676/2013 Impact of Climate Change on Growth Dynamics of Tropical Tree Species in the Western Ghat Region as Evidenced from Dendroecological Studies more
RP-678/2014 Crop Health Management more
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