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Forest Statistics

The mission of Department of Forest Statistics is to meet the information needs of the stakeholders of the forestry sector including research and management of forests in the State, using modern statistical tools. Mandate of this department are
  1. Develop databases, decision support systems and software useful for management and conservation of forests in Kerala
  2. Conduct outlook studies on forestry sector of the State
  3. Undertake collaborative projects on applications of Statistics
  4. Statistical advsisory works and teaching statistical techniques

Current areas of research

  • Statistical Database on Kerala Forestry Sector
    Development of a database with layers of information on vegetation, soil, weather and management of forests in the State .
  • Decision Support System and Software
    Develop a computer-based decision support systems and software that aids decision making on matters related to forest management and conservation.
  • Forest Sector Analysis
    Developing supply-demand models for forest products and studying the interrelation between forestry and allied sectors

Collaborative works with other Divisions

  1. Growth model for Acacia auriculiformis in relation to soil conditions in Kerala
  2. Carbon storage potential of teak plantations in Kerala
  3. Climate change studies
  4. Estimation of wildlife population
  5. Habitat modelling of wildlife species
  6. Local volume table for Acacia auriculiformis and A. mangium
  7. Productivity and growth studies on sympodial bamboos

Contact: Dr. V Anitha
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi 680653, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: +91-487-2690231