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Institute has specialised and well equipped laboratories for research in various tropical forestry sciences including, soil science, biotechnology, forest genetics and tree breeding, forest ecology, GIS, wildlife biology, phyto-chemistry, physiology, forest pathology, entomology, silvicultre and forest botany. A central instrumentation unit (CIU) coordinates the use and maintenance of the sophisticated instruments commonly used by these laboratories. Currently we have HPLC, Gas Chromatograph, GC MS, Continuous flow analyser, CHNS Analyser, Particle Size Analyser, Soil CO2 Exchange System and Flame photometer, the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, The FT NIR spectrometer, Leica image analysis system, Universal Testing Machine, Fluorescent and Phase contrast compound and inverted microscopes, Freeze dryers, bioreactors, growth chambers, The CIU also offers the facilities to researchers from other organizations on payment. Our laboratories are
  1. Tissue-culture
  2. Clonal Multiplication
  3. Physiology Lab
  4. Wildlife Biology
  5. Soil Science
  6. Molecular Biology Laboratory
  7. Wood science & Technology Lab
  8. Biochemistry lab
  9. Forest Pathology Laboratory
  10. Entomology Lab
  11. Silviculture
  12. GIS and RS