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Forest Health

Forest Entomology and Forest Pathology are the two Departments under this Division. The main areas of research include various aspects of microbes, insects and weeds in the forest ecosystem. The Division maintains authentic collections of microbes and insects of Kerala forests and also of microbial pathogens of forest insects. Eco-friendly technologies are being developed to manage the pests, diseases and weeds in forest plantations, through biological means. Management of nursery and plantation diseases, diversity of plant pathogenic fungi in different forest ecosystems, VA and ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity and biological control of weeds are the main areas of research in Pathology Department.

In Entomology Department, the thrust areas include monitoring of forest insect diversity, control of termites in plantations, wood damaging insects and teak defoliator, traditional methods of post-harvest protection of bamboo from insect borers, etc. The mass production technology of the biopesticide Hyblaea puera

Nucleo Polyhedrosis Virus (HpNPV) has been standardized, and the application technology has been transferred to stakeholders. The concept of butterfly garden has been popularized and technical advice provided to various agencies for the establishment of butterfly parks.The Departments under this program division are
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