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Teak Museum

The teak museum, established in 1995 with the assistance of the Kerala Forest Department, is located at Nilambur in the campus of the Sub Centre of the Kerala Forest Research Institute. It is meant for disseminating information on various aspects of teak - history, cultivation, management, socio-economics and uses. The teak tree, (Tectona grandis) which yields internationally reputed high quality timber, is indigenous to the tropics of South and Southeast Asia. Exhibits of historic, scientific and artistic value are displayed in the ground floor of the museum. The first floor is mostly devoted to exhibits and information of scientific nature. A library with world literature on teak and a mini auditorium for audio-visual presentation are the other facilities available within the museum. A large stump of 480-year-old teak tree brought from Neriamangalam Forest Range, the excavated root system of a large teak tree, a translite of one of the oldest naturally growing teak tree- the Kannimara teak and logs of 116-year-old teak tree are some of the magnificent exhibits in the museum. Read more..

Bioresource Nature Park

A live botanical museum established in its 40 ha area of the KFRI Subcentre Nilambur, provides round the year exposure to the public on native biodiversity and its ecological importance. A veritable botany class has been laid out for those interested in experiencing first hand the different plant groups such as – hydrophytes, xerophytes, ferns, orchids, palms etc. visitors can also see the burials of Megalithic period. It also provides an opportunity to see, acquaint and learn about the State’s native plants in one place and is made use of by a large number of visitors every day. Read more..


Xylarium is a collection of wood specimens of various tree species. KFRI Xylarium has specimens of 600 tree species including indigenous and exotic. Read more..

Arboretum and Botanic Garden

The KFRI Arboretum covering an area of 5 ha, which is in the establishment phase, has 75 tree species belonging to 29 families and 58 genera. Read more..


The KFRI Bambusetum has 70 species of bamboos from all over India; a few exotic species of bamboos are also available in the live collection. Of these, 55 species are in the Field Research Centre, (FRC) Velupadam and the remaining species suitable for high elevation area, are at Devikulam, Munnar. Read more..


The KFRI Palmetum (Collection of live specimens of indigenous and exotic palms) in Peechi campus. Read more..


35 species are represented in the Rattan (cane) germplasm at Peechi, Achencoil, Nilambur,and Vazachal. Read more..

A visitor fee is charged as below in return to a guided visit to various facilities in the KFRI campus including departmental museums, laboratories and special collections and gardens.
School Up to 100 students Rs.250
More than 100 students Rs. 300
College Up to 50 students Rs. 250
Above 50 students Rs. 500
Private group: Students from PG Colleges, B.Tech./MCA/MBA etc. Up to 50 students Rs. 250
Up to 100 students Rs. 500
Smaller group/Individual Up to 50 Persons Rs. 250
Farmers/NGO/others Up to 50 Rs. 200
50-100 persons Rs. 300
Album/Film shooting anywhere in the office Per day Rs. 10,000

Instruction for Visitors

Those who are interested to visit KFRI, Please download the PROFORMA FOR VISITORS form. Once completed, this form should be returned to, or mailed to The Director, Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), Peechi, Thrissur, Kerala, India. Pin: 680 653, 1 week prior to your visit. Incomplete forms will be returned to the host and may result in delays.