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Research Reports

KFRI has carried out inventory and systematic documentation of biodiversity in a variety of forest types in the Western Ghats especially of the flora and fauna of the protected areas. Special inventory of groups such as bamboo, rattan, palm, orchid, lichen, vascular plants, small mammals, wetland birds, fresh-water fishes and micro-organisms has thrown up several new additions to the biology/sciences. Apart from these large amounts of primary data is generated from research in plant breeding, propagation, silviculture, pathology, pest control, and other regular monitoring programmes at the Institute.

The database on following aspects is available in the institute:
  • Floral and faunal wealth of the tropical forests of the Western Ghats (esp. Vascular and non vascular flora, pathogenic and benign mycological species, faunal communities in the humid and dry tropical forests etc.)
  • Population density estimations from periodic wildlife census in the natural forests of Kerala
  • Weather patterns in the selected localities
  • Forest dynamics from monitoring of permanent and semi permanent plots
  • Response of various tree species to in situ and ex situ silvicultural treatments
  • Wood balance studies and wood utilisation
  • Quality and properties of wood of various tree species
  • Forest invasives, pests and pathogens and their control
  • Forest dependent communities and livelihood improvement of bamboo-dependent and marginalised communities in the context of participatory forest management
  • Improving the productivity of manmade forests, the water use efficiency of different tree crops

KFRI research report series has a collection of about 400 research reports which form the first hand technical documentation of the research carried out at KFRI over the past 36 years. A hard copy of which can be ordered by writing to librarian, KFRI. PDF versions of these reports are available for download in the web site.