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KFRI Research Reports

Easwarankutty, K; Sivarajan, M; Asan, R.B1977. Study on wood and bark volumes of Eucalyptus trees in Kerala. (KFRI Research Report No: 1: 27p)    
Kerala Forest Research Institute1977. Availability of wood raw material for plywood industry (Kerala-Karnataka region). (KFRI Research Report No: 2(1): 117p)    
Nair, C.T.S1978. Availability of wood raw material for plywood industry (North Eastern region). (KFRI Research Report No: 2(2): 85p)    
Kerala Forest Research Institute1978. Dipterocarps of South Asia. (KFRI Research Report No: 3: 321p)    
Alexander, T.G; Sobhana, K; Balagopalan, M; Mary, M.V1980. Taungya in relation to soil properties, soil erosion and soil management. (KFRI Research Report No: 4: 24p)    
Kerala Forest Research Institute1980. Studies on the changing pattern of man-forest interactions and its implications on ecology and management. (KFRI Research Report No: 5: 235p)    
Nair, K.S.S; Varma, R.V1981. Termite control in eucalypt plantations. (KFRI Research Report No: 6: 48p)    
Alexander, T.G; Balagopalan, M; Thomas, T.P; Mary, M.V1981. Properties of soils under teak. (KFRI Research Report No: 7: 13p)    
Alexander, T.G; Balagopalan, M; Mary, M.V; Thomas, T.P1981. Properties of soils under eucalypts. (KFRI Research Report No: 8: 12p)    
Nazma; Ganapathy, P.M; Sasidharan, N; Bhat, K.M; Gnanaharan, R1981. A handbook of Kerala timbers. (KFRI Research Report No: 9: 260p)    
Mathew, G1982. A survey of beetles damaging commercially important stored timber in Kerala. (KFRI Research Report No: 10: p)    
Varma, R.V1982. Investigations on the possibility of non-insecticidal control of termites. (KFRI Research Report No: 11: 28p)    
Gnanaharan, R; Nair, K.S.S; Sudheendrakumar, V.V1982. Protection of fibrous raw material in storage against deterioration by biological organisms. (KFRI Research Report No: 12: 24p)    
Venkatesh, C.S; Koshy, M.P; Chacko, K.C; Indira, E.P1986. Genetic improvement of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) in Kerala. (KFRI Research Report No: 13: 21p)    
Alexander, T.G; Thomas, T.P1982. Cultural practices for managing soil erosion in forest plantations: A state-of-knowledge report. (KFRI Research Report No: 14: 11p)    
Gnanaharan, R; Mathew, G1982. Preservative treatment of rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis). (KFRI Research Report No: 15: 16p)    
Nair, K.S.S1982. Seasonal incidence, host range and control of the teak sapling borer, Sahyadrassus malabaricus. (KFRI Research Report No: 16: 36p)    
Alexander, T.G; Mary, M.V; Thomas, T.P; Balagopalan, M1983. Influence of site factors in Bombax plantations. (KFRI Research Report No: 17: 19p)    
Nair, C.T.S; Muraleedharan, P.K1983. Rural institutions for development of appropriate forestry enterprises: A case study of the traditional reed industry in Kerala State, India. (KFRI Research Report No: 18: 150p)    
Nair, K.S.S; Mathew, G; Varma, R.V; Gnanaharan, R1983. Preliminary investigations on the biology and control of beetles damaging stored reed. (KFRI Research Report No: 19: 35p)    
Balagopalan, M; Alexander, T.G1983. Organic matter dynamics in teak and eucalypt plantations. (KFRI Research Report No: 20: p)    
Ghosh, S.K; Balasundaran, M; Mohamed Ali, M.I1984. Studies on the host-parasite relationship of phanerogamic parasites on teak and their possible control. (KFRI Research Report No: 21: 39p)    
Nair, C.T.S; Mammen Chundamannil; Mohammad, E1984. Intensive multiple use forest management in the tropics. (KFRI Research Report No: 22: 184p)    
Alexander, T.G; Mary, M.V1984. Effect of Mussoorie Phos on the growth of Eucalyptus tereticornis seedlings. (KFRI Research Report No: 23: 7p)    
Nair, P.V; Ramachandran, K.K; Vijayan, V.S; Easa, P.S; Balakrishnan, P.V1985. An ecological study in Periyar Tiger Reserve with special reference to wildlife. (KFRI Research Report No: 24: 7p)    

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