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Annual Reports

KFRI Annual report is a comprehensive report of our activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give scientists, technocrats and other interested people information about KFRI activities, technical performance and financial performance. The major sections in our annual reports are
  1. Director’s Report
  2. Porfile of the Institute
  3. Research Activities
  4. Completed Research Projects
  5. Completed Extension Projects
  6. Ongoing Research Projects
  7. Research Highlights
  8. Publications
  9. Participation in Seminars/Symposia/Workshops
  10. Outreach Programmes
  11. Nomination to National/International Committees
  12. Extension and Training Activities
  13. Academic Activities
  14. Seminars/Symposia/Workshops Organised
  15. Modernisation of the institute
  16. Balance Sheet of the financial year
  17. Income & Expenditure Account
  18. Internal Committees
  19. List of Staff
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