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Forest Pathology Laboratory

Forest Pathology (Mycology) Laboratory is part of the Forest Pathology Department under the Forest Health Division. It has expertise in Use of bio-protectants for rubber wood, Biological control of Mikania using Puccinia spegazzinii, Management of nursery diseases of eucalypts, teak and other tree species, Control of pink disease in eucalypt plantations, Assessment of diversity of mycorrhizae in forest plantations and plant pathogenic fungi in different forest ecosystems, Identification of disease resistant provenances of eucalypts and developing disease resistant clones the Lab is equipped with Trinocular Microscope with camera attachment, Stereo binocular microscope, Bioreactor, Laminar airflow, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Deep-freezer, Microtome, Cryotome, etc.

The department also has a collection of living cultures and herbarium specimens. The well managed culture collection and herbarium provide reference materials against which microbial identities or taxonomic status can be checked or revised as well as providing records of host range and geographic distribution.

The facility offers services for detection and control of diseases in forest plantations and nurseries due to fungal pathogens.

The laboratory offers consultancies and internship facilities.
Contact: Department of Forest Pathology
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi P.O, Thrissur District, Kerala - 680653, India.
Tel: +91-487-2690322