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PhDs in progress

Chemistry of marshy grassland soils in forest ecosystems of Southern Western Ghats, India
Dr. S Sandeep, Renuka R (Uni: CUSAT,)
Micropropagation of selected species of Embelia Burm.f., characterization and in vitro production of secondary metabolites
Dr. AV Raghu , Rini Vijayan (Uni: CU,)
Diversity and fire induced behavioural dynamics of short-horned grasshoppers (Insecta: Orthoptera: Caelifera) in Eravikulam National Park and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats
Dr. PS Easa, Dhaneesh Bhasker (Uni: CU,)
Bioactivity and mechanistic studies of certain botanical extracts for their potential application as biopesticides
Dr. R Jayaraj, Alina Paul (Uni: CUSAT,)
Molecular characterization and adaptive genetic diversity linked to wood property traits for sustainable management of teak genetic resources
Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Swathi Balakrishnan (Uni: CUSAT,)
Molecular diagnostic markers for authentication and early sexing of Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr
Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Remya Unnikrishnan (Uni: CUSAT,)
Seasonal influence on phenology of woody species in a tropical Wet evergreen forest of Southern Western Ghats, India
Dr. VB Sreekumar, Thasini VM (Uni: CUSAT,)
Molecular fingerprints and geo-chemical interactions of organo-nano composites from forest floor humic acids in Western Ghats, Kerala
Dr. S Sandeep, Ninu Jose M (Uni: CUSAT,)
Biocontrol potential of rhizosphere and rhizoplane fungi of selected grasses against certain fungal diseases of forest nursery seedlings
Dr. GE Mallikarjunaswamy, Bharath Nair (Uni: CU,)
Pedogenesis and geochemical transformations in forest ecosystems of the Western Ghats, Kerala
Dr. S Sandeep, Vishnu PS (Uni: CUSAT,)
Herpetofaunal diversity in swamp (Vayal) ecosystems in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats
Dr. PS Easa, Rajkumar K.P. (Uni: CU,)
Assessment of ecosystem services from Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Dr. MP Sujatha , Divya Soman (Uni: CUSAT,)

Dr. KA Sreejith, Arya Krishnan (Uni: FRI-U,)
Diversity and abundance of tree-microhabitats and its potential as indicators of vertebrate diversity in tropical rainforests of the Western Ghats.
Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Bharati Patel (Uni: FRI-U,)
Study on the impact of allelochemicals of Senna spectabilis (DC.) Irwin & Barneby invasion in Wayanad, Kerala
Dr. TK Hrideek , Suby (Uni: CU,)
Studies on plus tree selection, variability and seed biology of Terminalia paniculata Roth (Combretaceae) in Kerala part of peninsular India
Dr. TK Hrideek , Sanal C. Viswanath (Uni: CU,)
Studies on variability, phenology and management methods of the alien invasive tree, Senna Spectabilis (DC.) Irwin & Barneby in Kerala, India
Dr. TK Hrideek , Muraleekrishnan K. (Uni: CU,)
Regional differences in phenotypic and phytochemical profiles of selected medicinal plants in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Neethu R.S (Uni: FRI-U,)
Modelling carbon sequestration and its dynamics in the mangrove systems of Kerala
Dr. VB Sreekumar, Harishma KM (Uni: CUSAT,)
Exploring the antioxidant activity of humic substances in composts and development of nanocomposites for environmental and health benefits
Dr. MP Sujatha , Faniya Toby (Uni: CUSAT,)
Ecology of Troidini butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Kerala
Dr. TV Sajeev , Anju M.S (Uni: CU,)
Ecology and behaviour of amphibians of Eravikulam National Park, with special reference to bush frogs
Dr. PS Easa, Sandeep Das (Uni: CU,)
Studies on plus tree selection, genetic variability and wood properties of the endemic tree species Artocarpus hirsutus Lamk. (Moraceae) in Kerala
Dr. TK Hrideek , Sinny Francis (Uni: CU,)
Systematics and phylogeny of dipterocarps in the Western Ghats, India
Dr. VB Sreekumar, Sanil. M.S. (Uni: CU,)
Invasive alien plants in tourist locations of Kerala: Pathways, spread and impact
Dr. TV Sajeev , Karthika M Nair (Uni: CUSAT,)

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