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PhDs in progress

Community structure and habitat use of rodents in the tropical forests of the Southern Western Ghats, India.
Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Sreejith Sivaraman (Uni: CU,2021)
Distribution diversity and properties of two endemic bamboo species Dendrocalamus stocksii (Munro)M.Kumar, Remesh & Unnikrishnan and Munrochloa Ritchie (Munro) M. Kumar & Remesh in Kerala
Dr. Syam Viswanath, Muhsina Moosa (Uni: CU,2021)
Foraging ecology of Bonnet macaque along the anthropogenic gradient: the food traits perspective.
Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Sheheer T.A. (Uni: CU,2021)
Investigation on Physio-Chemical, Microstructure properties and molecular characterization of special bamboos used in weaving by tribal communities in Idukki district, Kerala.
Dr. AV Raghu , Anjana N (Uni: CU,2021)
Ecology of Troidini butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Kerala
Dr. TV Sajeev , Anju M.S (Uni: CU,2020)
Investigation on application of nanobionics on accumulation of biomass and biosynthesis of compounds in Holostemma adakodien K.schum in In-vitro
Dr. AV Raghu , Sangeeth Chandran (Uni: CU,2020)
Studies on clonal propagation and seed germplasm storage with reference to domestication of Baccaurea courtallensis (Wight) Mull.Arg. and Flacourtia montana J.Graham : two wild edible fruit trees of Western Ghats, Kerala
Dr. PA Jose, Rasmi. C.K (Uni: CU,2020)
Population Genetics and Geonmic Approches for Conservation and Management of Santalum album Linn
Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Reshma Bhasker T (Uni: CUSAT,2021)
Phthalate Release from Plastic Fragments and Microplastics Degradation in Kole Wetlands of Thrissur and its Role in Fresh Water Contamination.
Dr. R Jayaraj, Blaise Jose K (Uni: CUSAT,2021)
Effects of Drought on Forest Dependent Communities: An Economic Analysis Based on Ecosystem Services of the Western Ghats in Kerala.
Dr. V Anitha , D.Sarada Devi (Uni: CUSAT,2021)
Chemistry and geochemical interactions of organo-clay nano composites developed on humic acid microstructures.
Dr. S Sandeep, Navya M (Uni: CUSAT,2021)
Unravelling phenotypic plasticity, local adaptation and population genetics divergence of Korthalsia laciniosa (Griff.) and Korthalsia rogersii Becc. In Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Sarath P (Uni: FRI-U,2021)
Studies on plus tree selection, genetic variability and wood properties of the endemic tree species Artocarpus hirsutus Lamk. (Moraceae) in Kerala
Dr. TK Hrideek , Sinny Francis (Uni: CU,2019)
A study on population dynamics of two threatened Myristica species of Western Ghats, Kerala in the context of climate change.
Dr. PA Jose, Anuraj K (Uni: CU,2019)
Studies on variability, growth performance and wood properties of selected clones and Plus trees of teak (Tectona grandis. L.f.) in Kerala
Dr. TK Hrideek , Preetha B (Uni: CU,2019)
Exploring the antioxidant activity of humic substances in composts and development of nanocomposites for environmental and health benefits
Dr. MP Sujatha , Faniya Toby (Uni: CUSAT,2019)
Soil Carbon pool and its dynamics in the systems of Kerala Western Ghats
Dr. S Sandeep, Binsiya.T.K (Uni: CUSAT,2019)
Faunal interactions of Invasive Alien Plants: Case studies on Lantana camara L., Mimosa diplotricha Sauvalle, and Mikania micrantha Kunth in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Premdas.S (Uni: CUSAT,2019)
Temporal analysis of distribution and morphometry of Coleoptera in Kerala part of Western Ghats.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Thushar Naduvalloor (Uni: CUSAT,2019)
Invasive alien plants in tourist locations of Kerala: Pathways, spread and impact
Dr. TV Sajeev , Karthika M Nair (Uni: CUSAT,2019)
Morphological and molecular taxonomy of skippers (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) in Kerala
Dr. TV Sajeev , Rakhi K.R (Uni: CU,2019)
Integrative Taxonomic Studies on Skippers (Lepidoptera:Hesperidae) of Southern Western Ghats
Dr. TV Sajeev , Athulya C (Uni: FRI-U,2020)
Geochemistry of carbon storage under continuous teak rotation in Southern Western Ghats.
Dr. S Sandeep, Panchami Jaya (Uni: FRI-U,2020)
Effect of elicitation and precursor feeding on the production of Oroxylin A, Chrysin and Baicalein in in vitro cultures of Oroxylum indicum (L.) Kurz.
Dr. AV Raghu , Sreeja C.S (Uni: CU,2018)
Study on the impact of allelochemicals of Senna spectabilis (DC.) Irwin & Barneby invasion in Wayanad, Kerala
Dr. TK Hrideek , Suby (Uni: CU,2018)

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