Books » Bamboos of India: A Compendium

Bamboos of India: A Compendium

Dr. KK Seethalakshmi , Dr. Muktesh Kumar
Size: Hardbound; 22x28cm
Pages: 342
Year: 1998
Price: Rs.2250/ $100
ISBN : ISBN 81-86247-25-4
Publisher: KFRI
Status: Available

Information on 128 species of bamboo belonging to 18 genera found in India is presented with detailed illustration and photographs printed on art paper. Available information regarding the description, distribution and ecology , Silviculture and management, flowering and fruiting characteristics, anatomy, morphology and fibre characteristics, chemistry, pests and diseases, physical and mechanical properties, natural durability and preservation and uses of each species is provided. The book is highly useful to those who are interested in bamboos especially on Indian bamboos.