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Oil Curing Technology for Value-added Rattan (Cane) Products

Dr. TK Dhamodaran , Dr. K. M. Bhat
Size: Softbound; 18 x 24 cm
Pages: 9
Year: 2002
Price: Rs.50/ $10
ISBN : ISBN 81-85041-35-0
Publisher: KFRI
Status: Available

Oil curing technology standardized by the Kerala Forest Research Institute in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department for quality improvement of raw material for cane handicrafts and furniture products is described. Results of laboratory trials undertaken to investigate the effect of various oil mixtures, curing duration and temperature to arrive at an effective schedule for curing of various diameter categories of Indian rattans are discussed. The technology is very effective to preserve cane products and to impart an ivory white colour, which is highly desired in export markets.