Books » Nursery and Silviculture Techniques for Bamboos

Nursery and Silviculture Techniques for Bamboos

Dr. RC Pandalai , Dr. KK Seethalakshmi , Dr. C.Mohanan
Size: Softbound; 18 x 24 cm
Pages: 39
Year: 2002
Price: Rs.150/ $15
ISBN : ISBN 81-85041-43-1
Publisher: KFRI
Status: Available

The handbook presents results, findings and field experiences of scientists who have been associated with bamboo research for the past two decades in Kerala Forest Research Institute. This book will be very useful in understanding the nursery, plantation and harvesting technology of bamboo which has already emerged as a plantation crop especially in the third world countries.The authors have elucidated all pertinent aspects of bamboo cultivation from seedling production, vegetative propagation techniques, outplanting methods. In addition to the cultivation aspects the publication also deals with different bamboo species suitable for cultivation in different agroclimatic zones of Kerala. The handbook is nicely brought out with colour photographs, drawings and charts for easy understanding of the subject.