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Directory (Phone & e-mail)

  Phone e-mail
Reception +91-487-2690100
Director +91-487-2690110
PA to Director +91-487-2690112
Registrar +91-487-2690120
PA to Registrar +91-487-2690122
Deputy Registrar (Finance) +91-487-2690140
Deputy Registrar (Administration) +91-487-2690130
Finace/accounts +91-487-2690140
Payroll +91-487-2690143
Office +91-487-2690132
Tree Health Helpline +91-487-2690222
Teak museum +91-4931-222846
Teaknet +91-487-2690395
APIFSN +91-487-2690100
Nilambur Subcentre +91-4931-220218
FRC, Velupadam +91-480-2762205
Guest House +91-487-2690350
Web team +91-487-2690100


Dr. AV Raghu , Dr. GE Mallikarjunaswamy, Dr. KA Sreejith, Dr. KF George, Dr. KV Mohammed Kunhi, Dr. M Amruth, Dr. MP Sujatha , Dr. P Sujanapal , Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Dr. PA Jose, Dr. R Jayaraj, Dr. S Sandeep, Dr. Shambhu Kumar, Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Dr. Syam Viswanath, Dr. TK Hrideek , Dr. TV Sajeev , Dr. V Anitha , Dr. VB Sreekumar, Mr. VP Raveendran ,


Biotechnology, Extension, Forest Botany , Forest Ecology , Forest Economics, Forest Entomology, Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Forest Pathology, Forest Statistics, GIS & Remote Sensing, Non-Timber Forest Produces, Silviculture, Sociology, Soil Science, Training, Tree Physiology, Wildlife Biology, Wood Science and Technology,


Arboretum, Bamboo Technical Support Group South Zone (BTSG - KFRI), Bambusetum, Biochemistry lab, Butterfly Garden, Cane and Palmetum, Central Instrumentation Unit, Clonal Multiplication, Engineering Wing, Entomology Lab, Field Research Centers, Field Work Support (vehicles), Forest Pathology Laboratory, GIS and RS , Green House, Guest House , Herbarium, KFRI - Insect Repository, KFRI Long-Term Monitoring Programme (Permanent plots), LAN, Library, Medicinal Plants, Mist chamber, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Nature Trail, Nurseries, Orchidarium, Physiology Lab, Research Fellows' Hostel, Seed Centre (KFSC), Seminar and Conference Facilities, Silviculture, Soil museum, Soil Science, Staff Accommodation, Stores, Sub-centre, Teak Museum, TeakNet , Thematic Displays, Tissue-culture, Training Facilities, Tree Health Helpline, Weather Stations, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Museum, Wood science & Technology Lab, Xylarium,