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Establishment Projects

ESTM-13 Research Monitoring and evaluation Unit more
ESTM-14 Digital Archiving of Administration Records and Multimedia services for public relations more
ESTM-15 Strengthening and Capacity Building in Administration. more
ESTM-16 Mathrubasha-Facilitating/ Strengthening the Application of Mathrubasha (Malayalam) in Office Use. more
ESTM-17 Wood Processing and Preservative Treatment Plant. more
ESTM-18 Monitoring of Teak Experimental plots, clonal Multiplication area (CMA) and production of superior clonal plants. more
ESTM-19 Maintenance of Orchidarium and Fernarium more
ESTM-20 Maintenance of Research Nursery for Bamboos. more
ESTM-21 Maintenance of Forest Seed Processing Unit. more
ESTM-22 Maintenance of Bambusetum more
ESTM-23 Maintenance of Arboretum at Palappilly. more
ESTM-24 Bamboo Processing Centre more
ESTM-25 Maintenance and enrichment of Bio-Resources Nature more
ESTM-26 Maintenance of Field Research Station at Devikulam more
ESTM-27 Maintenance of field research station Kottapara, Ernakulam more
ESTM-28 Design and conduct of forestry training programmes more
ESTM-29 Design and conduct of extrain and outreach programmes more
ESTM-3 Maintenance and enrichment of Microbial Collection. more
ESTM-30 Forestry extension and conservation education programmes more
ESTM-31 Maintenance of field trial plot of Ochlandra at HNL, Kottayam and germplasm at FRC Palappilly more
ESTM-32 Soil health restoration programmes through participatory approach. more
ESTM-33 Upgradation and maintenance of soil museum at KFRI. more
ESTM-34 Campus Garden Development more
ESTM-35 Research Management more
ESTM-36 Updation of KFRI Library Portal more
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