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Field Research Centers

The Field Research Centre of KFRI is situated at Velupadam, Trissur with an area of 47.3 ha. It set up with facilities for laboratory work and field studies including nurseries and experimental plantations. The centre is having a Scientist in charge, anOfficer in charge and a number of supporting Field and Project staffs. The facilities provided by FRC, Velupadam are following.

  1. Bambusetum
  2. Arboretum
  3. Nurseries of Fruit Trees and Bamboo
  4. Bamboo Processing Centre
  5. Watershed models

Bambusetum, FRC Velupadam

The KFRI-Bambusetum was established during 1988-95 as part of the IDRC Bamboo Project at FRC Campus Velupadam. Sixty three different species of bamboos are present in the Bambusetum which is one of the major attraction of the centre for the researchers and public.Valuable information on clump development, culm production and growth parameters like culm length, culm girth, etc. are being observed, computed and analysed at this centre by the KFRI Scientist for productivity and management of these valuable Bamboo varieties. Effective management practices like weeding, soil working, selective cutting etc. on the production potential of each of these species is being closely monitored. The KFRI-Bambusetum aims to have an exhaustive collection of sympodial bamboos that can be grown in a typical agro-climatic zone and to gather invaluable scientific information on bamboo growth in the State of Kerala. The Bambusetum also serves as genetic resource for future crop improvement programmes for forest managers and enterprising farmers.


The Arboretum in the FRC, Velupadam is of the richest floristic collection in the state.The biotope is moist deciduous forests with about 188 tree species of 50 families and 122 genera. There are 50 taxa endemic to southern Peninsular India. Arboretum is maintained with grid maps and markings of the location details of each live collection. The Arboretum is also recognized internationally and is also enlisted in the National Network of Botanical Gardens in India. The Arboretum premises provides a rewarding and valuable experience to visiting researchers and students.

Nurseries for Fruit Trees and Bamboo varieties

KFRI has forest nurseries at FRC, Velupadam. In addition to providing facilities to the researchers and students, the nurseries cater to the needs of the public by producing and supplying quality seedlings of rare and economically important tree, bamboo, rattan and medicinal plant species on payment. Nurseries also attracts visitors like forestry professionals, researchers, farmers and students.

Bamboo Processing Centre(BPC)

The Bamboo Processing Centre (BPC) was established at FRC, Velupadam of KFRI with the support of the National Bamboo Mission under the Annual Action Plan of 2013-14. The BPC is functioning as a means of reviving the bamboo sector by demonstrating the benefits of mechanical processing of bamboo to artisans and innovative farmers and industrial entrepreneurs producing value added products for livelihood and enterprise development. The value addition process also expected to contribute significantly to revive the traditional industry and make it a sustainable business models for entrepreneurs. A set of Bamboo processing machinery consisting of Bamboo Cross Cutting Machine, Bamboo Hydraulic Splitter, Bamboo Internal Knot Removing Machine, Bamboo External Knot Removing Machine, Bamboo Thin Slicing Machine, Heavy Duty Thick Slivering Machine, Bamboo Square Stick Making Machine, Bamboo Blind Weaving Machine (Power loom),Vaccum/Pressure Impregnation Treatment Plant, Laser Engraving Machine etc.

Watershed Models

A watershed is an area of land that drains rainfall to a common outlet such as the outflow of a reservoir, pond, or any point along a stream channel. At FRC Velupadam, there is a well maintained watershed model to prevent outflow of rainfall and provides an excellent model for demonstrating sustainable land use practices and environmental education to the visiting public.

Contact: Dr. AV Raghu
KFRI Field Research Centre,
Velupadam P.O., Palappilly.
Phone: 0480 - 2762205
Tel: +91-480-2762205