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Mist chamber

mist house Nursery plants propagated by cuttings are grown in mist chambers. In Mist Chamber, Relative humidity is maintained artificially at high level with the help of mist installations, which spray water under pressure. Fog formation induces rooting and acclimatization. High relative humidity facilitates better root initiation and cooling effect prevents the cutting from drying out. This method results in faster rooting of the cuttings, create optimum microclimate for better root initiation and development and higher success rate in propagation of hard wood cuttings. Temperature and humidity control in the mist chamber is effected through automated control systems.

The mist chamber is used for research purpose as well as propagation of garden plants. Myristica spp., Kingiodendron pinnatum, Vatica chinensis, Hydnocarpus macrocarpa, Cynometra sp. etc are a few RETs and Cinnamomum verum, Oroxylum indicum, Persea macrantha, Sapindus trifoliatus as NTFPs among the propagation protocols developed.
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