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Seed Centre (KFSC)

The Kerala Forest Seed Centre (KFSC), established in 2003, is a collaborative venture of Kerala Forest Department (KFD) and Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI). KFSC is headed by a senior scientist of KFRI having professional training and experience in the field of Forestry/Silviculture. A Forest Range Officer and a Forester on working arrangement is deputed to KFSC from KFD. KFSC is administered by an advisory committee comprising of the officials from both KFD and KFRI.

The main objective of the Centre is to collect seeds of superior trees/stands, process, grade, store and supply to Kerala Forest Department (KFD) and other government departments, non governmental agencies, farmers and others interested in seed of forest tree species for propagation. Soon after collection the seeds are processed and graded through appropriate methods depending on the nature of the fruit. Seed quality of the processed seed will be assessed through rapid viability tests like cutting test and Tetrazolium test. The seeds are then subjected to germination tests prescribed by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), Switzerland and their viability will be assessed. The viable healthy seeds will be stored at optimum storage condition (ambient/ controlled Temperature and Humidity) either in plastic bins, gunny bags or plastic bags depending on the orthodox / recalcitrant nature of the seed. Prior to long-term storage in air tight plastic bins, fumigation with carbon dioxide is carried out in order to slow down the respiration rate of seeds and to prevent insect / pest infestation.The seeds stored at KFSC are being subjected to routine tests at regular intervals for viability and germination. Seed lots with a germination rate less than 20 percent are discarded.

KFSC has also an important mandate to supply graded quality teak seeds to KFD for raising high quality planting stock for their extensive plantation programmes. Processed good quality seeds, are also sold to entrepreneurs, farmers, research institutions and students also at nominal rates, fixed by the Government of Kerala.

In addition to supply of quality seeds of forestry species, facilities are also used to undertake research in seed science and technology in tropical forestry species and to provide training to forestry professionals, researchers, students and others interested in seeds. Training programmes, covering aspects such as seed collection, processing, storage and management of teak seed production areas are conducted for forest officials, farmers and students.

List of available seeds and price details are available at the Service section of this website.

Contact: The Scientist-in-Charge
Kerala Forest Seed Centre
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi- 680 653, Thrissur Kerala, India
Tel: +91-487-2690345, 346