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Ongoing Projects

RP-753/2018 Historical review of ecological and development trajectory of various sectors in anamalais and highranges of the southern Western Ghats more
RP-754/2018 studies of the effect of elicitors and precursor feeding on in vitro production of secondary metabolites and plant growth in Oroxylum indicum more
RP-755/2018 Sophisticated analytical instrumentation facility more
RP-756/2018 Management of destructive invasive alien species in the high range mountain landscape of Munnar in the Western Ghats of Kerala more
RP-757/2018 Bioactivity and mechanistic studies of certain botanical extracts for their potential application as biopesticides more
RP-758/2018 Mapping, Biodiversity inventory and tree health assessment of KFRI campus more
RP-759/2018 Flood mapping of Palakkad, Thrissur and Eranakulam Districts more
RP-760/2018 Studies on pattern of usage of pesticides and their impact on the ecosystem of plantation and adjacent areas in GEF-Munnar landscape project area more
RP-761/2018 Study on diversity and current status of fish and fisheries in GEF-Munar landscape project area more
RP-762/2018 Study on the impact of invasive plant species on ecology of GEF-Munnar landscape project area more
RP-763/2018 Impact of flood on floral elements and soil biota in Pamba, Periyar, Bharathapuzha and Chalakkudy Rivers in Kerala more
RP-764/2018 Population dynamics of selected endemic and threatened trees in the protected areas of Kerala: Temporal analysis in the contest of climate change more
RP-765/2019 Morpho-molecular charactrization and ex-situ conservation of phytopathogenic fungi of Aralam, Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala and evaluation of antifungal efficiency of five selected medicinal plants leaf extracts against isolated most phytopathogenic fungi more
RP-766/2019 Ex-situ conservation of threatened and endemic species and spreading conservation education and awareness through improvement of infrastructural facilities in the Bioresources Nature Trail Botanical Garden of KFRI Sub Centre, Nilambur more
RP-767/2019 Participatory NTFP yielding medicinal plants resource enhancement: Capacity building through protocols for propagation, enrichment planting and management practices of ten high demanding medicinal plants of Western Ghats, Kerala more
RP-768/2019 Genome wide and geospatial approaches for enhancing the adaptive potential of threatened rattan resources in India more
RP-769/2019 Biological management of pest and diseases of selected commercially imporatant medicinal plants more
RP-770/2019 Assessment of adaptive genetic diversity in teak and sandalwood to guide conservation and genetic improvement efforts more
RP-771/2019 Conservation of critically endangered Cyad, Cycas annaikalensis in India more
RP-772/2019 Development of protocol for rapid detection of Ganoderma disease in plantations and Agro-ecosystems of Kerala more
RP-773/2019 Assessing landslide vulnerablility of forest systems in Kerala and developing restorstion protocols more
RP-774/2019 Development of nanocomposite organic manure from weed compost more
RP-775/2019 Study on plant functional traits of selected tree species of Kerala more
RP-776/2019 Diversity and dynamics of a tropical forest ecosystem in Southern Western Ghats in the context of changing climate more
RP-777/2019 Sclaing up of protocol in vitro tuberization for production of quality planting material of two tuber yielding medicinal plants and promotion of organic home-stead farming as an income generation opportunity for rural women in Kerala (Phase I) more
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