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Research Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (RME-Unit)

Research Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) Unit is an administrative cell directly under the control of the Director. This unit provides services of record keeping, maintaining databases of the projects, reporting the progress of the projects to the Director and administration as and when required. Issuing project approvals, extension of tenure of projects, etc are performed by the Unit.

The RME facilitates identification of active/ long-term research fronts through discussion with the scientists and PCM workshops. Being the registry of all research, extension and other projects undertaken by the Institute the RME plays a pivotal role in liaising with other institutions funding agencies. The RME mediates production of final technical reports from various projects before they are disseminated. The Institute receives a large number of requests for extension services and Environmental Impact Assessment. Identifying the right personnel for performing the task is also done through the Unit.

RME assists the Director on all matters connected with research, including the conduct of the meetings of the Research Council, gathering details of progress and achievements by the scientists and preparation of the Annual Report of the Institute, providing summarized information for budget preparation, and reporting progress of projects, etc, are other spheres of activity in the unit.