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Soil Science

Soils provide anchorage, hold water plus air and supply nutrients to plants. Studies on the nature and properties of soils are therefore essential for understanding soil-vegetation interactions in forest ecosystems. The Division of Soil Science, established in December 1976 has undertaken several problem-oriented projects in following areas:
  • Taungya in relation to properties, erosion and management of soils
  • Studies on the nature and properties of soils in plantations across Kerala
  • Effect of monoculture on soils
  • Influence of site factors in plantations of various species
  • Protocols for Foliar analysis to assess soil test methods for NPK
  • Land degradation and restoration in the human impacted landscapes
The Division has also undertaken studies of an advisory nature for the Kerala Forest Department by answering queries on various aspects based on field investigations. These investigations will generate soil database useful in forest management.

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Molecular fingerprints and geochemical interaction of organo-nano composites from forest floor humic acids in Western Ghats, Kerala
  2. Chemistry and transformation of clay minerals under continuous teak rotations of Kerala Western Ghats
  3. Assessing landslide vulnerablility of forest systems in Kerala and developing restorstion protocols
  4. Management of bamboo waste in primary processing unit

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