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TEAKNET is an international network of institutions and individuals interested in teak. The Secretariat of the network is located in KFRI. It addresses the interests of all the categories of stakeholders of teak- growers, traders, researchers etc. It formulates action plans focusing on the short and long-term needs of the global teak sector

TEAKNET is manned by an international Steering Committee and its headquarters is currently located at the Kerala Forest Research Institute at Peechi. The secretariat was established at KFRI using the funds from FAO of the United Nations. Institutions or individuals can register in the TEAKNET website and access directory of teak researchers, growers and traders and electronic newsletter.

Membership of TEAKNET is open to individuals and institutions on an annual basis with payment of a fee. Members are entitled to present their requirements with respect to any information they need regarding teak, to the secretariat. The secretariat maintains an information centre wherein available literature on teak is stored. Such information may include not only scientific information but also that of interest to traders like availability and price of teakwood, plantations or products from teakwood. Additionally, it is planned to develop an international database on global teak resources which will be hosted in the website and will also form the basis of many scientific studies later.
Contact: Dr. S Sandeep
Teaknet Coordinator
Kerala Forest Research Institute,
Peechi, Thrissur, Kerala.
Phone : +91-487-2690283 (Co-ordinator)
       : +91-487-2690396 (Office)
Fax: +91-487-2690391
Email :
Tel: +91-487-2690100