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Tree Health Helpline

Helpline is an innovative outreach and solution providing mechanism by tapping the accumulated expertise in the field of soil science, entomology, pathology, Botany, silviculture, wood science, statistics and physiology. Problems faced at single tree level to those at nurseries and plantations are attended through the helpline

Queries related to tree planting and management like site selection, species site matching, planting, thinning, soil testing, fertilization, pest, disease and weed management, multi-species interactions, tree/wood sample identification, preservative treatment of wood and economic valuation of natural resources are attended by the helpline. The clientele of the service are the Kerala Forest Department, wood-based industries, other stakeholders, general public, students; private and public firms. A large number of queries are being attended to, problems diagnosed and remedies prescribed. Various Departments of KFRI like Soil Science, Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology, Forest Physiology, Forest Botany, Silviculture, Wood Science, Statistics and Wildlife are involved in the activity.

Scientific team

  1. Dr. VV Sudheendrakumar (Entomology)
  2. Dr. TV Sajeev (Entomology)
  3. Dr. George Mathew (Entomology)
  4. Dr. K. Mohanadas (Entomology)
  5. Dr. RC Pandalai (Silviculture)
  6. Dr. U Maria Florence (Pathology)
  7. Dr. Thomas P. Thomas (Soil Science)
  8. Dr. N. Sasidharan (Botany)
  9. Dr. KK Seethalakshmi (Physiology)
  10. Dr. M. Sivram (Statistics)
  11. Dr. PK Thulasidas (Wood Science)

Dr. TV Sajeev
Tree Health Helpline
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi P.O, Thrissur District, Kerala - 680653, India.
Tel: +91-487-2690222