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Expert system/ Software

SPA Analytics

SPA Analytics is designed for Seed Production Areas (SPAs). In order to set up Seed Production Areas (SPAs), SPA Analytics software helps to prepare a list of inferior trees to be culled by ranking the trees based on traits such as height, clear bole height, girth at breast-height, straightness and roundness of the stem, health and crown characteristics of the trees.

InventNTFP 1.0

InventNTFP 1.0 is the soft ware for inventory analysis for sustainable management of non-timber forest product resources Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) consist of variety of useful products such as bark, fruits, seeds, leaves, gums and resins, tannins, dyes, roots etc. These resources are renewable if sustainably managed. The software ‘InventNTFP’ developed for carrying out inventory analysis handles large number of species simultaneously and takes into consideration different aspects of inventory and reduces time greatly in carrying out analysis and generating results. It produces density and diversity measures and extrapolates availability of useful products from various species following non-destructive approach. Although the software is originally conceived for the analysis of NTFP inventory, it may be found useful in other areas involving fixed area plot based surveys for working out various density and diversity measures. Such application domain includes inventory of selected floral and faunal groups. Further details on inventory methodology and the software are available in the help menu of the software.

Teak Planner

Teak Planner functionally is a growth simulator for teak plantations. This programme can be used to identify the optimum thinning schedule and rotation age for even-aged teak stands under a range of site quality and management levels. The optimum thinning schedule is that which maximizes the net present value of cash flows, out of a variety of possible thinning schedule in a plantation. It also enables the user to make an investment plan by providing information on net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), benefit cost ratio (BCR) and payback period (PBP) for a range of management options. It also displays the NPV, IRR and BCR. The optimum rotation age can then be taken as the age at which NPV reaches its maximum. This programme thus fills in the need for a self-contained user-friendly software for finding out optimum thinning schedule and associated stand features for any given stand. The software is also an effective tool for financial valuation of the growing stock for commercial purposes. The simulator has been built using Visual Basic software. The equations used for projecting the different stand features were developed using long-term data gathered for permanent sample plots laid out in teak plantations in Kerala. For more information, contact Teaknet Coordinator