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KFRI signed MoU with University of Leeds, UK

University of Leeds is having one among the largest global network of long-term monitoring tropical forests called FORESTPLOTS.NET which includes over 5.5 million tree measurements from more than 18,000 species. The permanent plots established by KFRI become part of this programme through the MoU signed. The proposed activities involve joint analysis of questions on carbon dynamics, biodiversity, and tree dynamics etc and exploration of the possibility of establishing a South East Asian Regional Centre at KFRI. The Leeds University will support and facilitate in connecting KFRI with researchers and for participating research projects worldwide.

The University of Leeds has an India-UK Consortium on Plant Ecology and Ecophysiology and an ongoing project titled ‘Towards an Indian observatory of tropical forest response to climate change (I-FOR)‘. KFRI will become part of this to pursue mutually beneficial collaborative research in the future along the aims of this project.

Published on: August 29, 2021

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