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E-TENDER(No.KFRI/ENGG/CWP-01/21-22) dated 06.09.2021

e-tenders are invited from registered contractors/firms for the following work at Kerala Forest Research Institute main campus Peechi, Thrissur. Tenders should reach on or before 20.09.2021 up to 6.00 PM and the same will be opened on 22.09.2021 at 11.00AM



Tender No.


Name of work





Cost of tender document

Time of Completion

KFRI/ENGG/ CWP-01/21-22

Construction of counterfort retaining wall to the silverjubilee building at KFRI Peechi.








4 months


          Tender documents and tender schedule may be downloaded free of cost from the Website A bid submission fee of Rs.2500/-(18% GST may be paid to GST department directly ie.Rs.450/- Rupees four hundred and fifty only) shall be remitted by online payment. The bidder has to pay to GST at 18 under Reverse Charge Mechanism to GST department directly.

           All bid/tender documents are to be submitted online only and in the designated cover(s)/envelope(s) on the website. Tenders/ bids shall be accepted only through online mode on the website and no manual submission of the same shall be entertained. Late tenders will not be accepted.

                     The scanned copies of registration certificate, Preliminary Agreement, Bid Capacity certificate and EMD exemption certificate (if any) shall be submitted online and subsequently in a separate cover physically.

The bids shall be opened online at the office of the Registrar, Kerala Forest Research Institute. On 22.09.2021 11.00AM by the Registrar (Competent Tender Opening Authority) in the presence of the Bidders / their representatives who wish to attend at the above address. If the tender opening date happens to be on a holiday or non-working day due to any other valid reason, the tender opening process will be done on the next working day at same time and place.

      Online Tenders/ bids are to be accompanied with a preliminary agreement executed in Kerala stamp paper worth Rs.200/-. Tenders/ bids received online without the scanned copy preliminary agreement will not be considered and shall be summarily rejected. Further details can be had from the NIT or Office of Engineer, Kerala Forest Research Institute.

            All other existing conditions related to e-tendering of Kerala Forest Research Institute will be applicable in this tender also. The Kerala Forest Research Institute will not be responsible for any error like missing of schedule data while downloading by the Bidder. The Contractor should indicate GST no and submit a copy of the certificate along with quotation/tender. Rate quoted shall be including GST. Applicable GST can be added in the invoice when submitting for Payment. For getting payment the contractor shall submit an invoice indicating their GSTN as well as the GSTN of KFRI (32AAATK6446J6ZG).


Date of notification: September 6, 2021 September 20, 2021