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Plant Ecophysiology Research Workshop

Plant Ecophysiology Research Workshop (PEPR 2021) was held in KFRI, Peechi during December 5-8, 2021. This was organized by the Department of Forest Ecology with the support of SERB, Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. More than 20 college teachers from different parts of the country have participated in the event. 

This workshop was intended to update the knowledge on the impact of climate change and to give hands-on sessions on various tools and protocols available to measure the response of plants to changing climate. There were invited talks on various aspects of climate change and ecophysiological tools to understand the effect of climate change.

Globally renowned ecophysiologists  Prof.Kathy Steppe (Ghent University, Belgium) and Prof. Emanuel Gloor, Leeds University gave highly useful sessions on Plant hydraulics and Response of Amazon forests in the context of climate change. In addition, Dr.Jose Kallarackal (one of the doyens in ecophysiology), Dr. Deepak Barua,  Dr.T.V.Sajeev, Dr.K.A.Sreejith, and Dr.Ron Sunny gave sessions on various aspects related to climate change.</p>

Hands-on training on ecophysiological instruments/tools/techniques were also provided by a team of experts including Dr. Deepak Barua, Dr.K.A.Sreejith, Dr. Ron Sunny, and Abdulla Naseef. 

The programme was inaugurated by Dr.Syam Viswanath, Director, KFRI in the presence of Dr.T.V.Sajeev, Registrar, KFRI, and Dr.V.Anitha, Research coordinator, KFRI. 

Published on: December 8, 2021

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