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Training on scientific methods for harvesting NTFP tree resources enhancement

As part of the National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) funded project titled Participatory NTFP yielding medicinal plants resource enhancement: Capacity building through protocols for propagation, enrichment planting and management practices of ten high demanding medicinal plants of Western Ghats, Kerala, Tree Physiology Department has imparted one-day hands-on training on scientific methods for harvesting NTFP tree resources including plant production and field planting. 

Forty-five participants of primary stakeholders including tribal VSS Members of the three Forest Ranges in the Vazhachal Forest Division have attended the programme.  The training was held on 20 th December 2021 at Interpretation Hall of the Vazhachal. Dr. P.A. Jose, Principal Scientist and Mr. Jithin Jose, Junior Research Fellow was given sessions including practical demonstrations. 

A training Manual titled Thadiyithara vanavibhava sasyangalude prajananamargangalum susthira upayogareethikalum: Pariseelanaparipadi in Malayalam was prepared and distributed. The training was targeted to make awareness and understanding on the propagation protocols, scientific harvesting methods and conservation aspects of NTFP yielding plants among the primary stakeholders. 

Published on: December 21, 2021

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