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KFRI signed MoU with IIT, Palakkad for collaborative research

KFRI signed an MoU with IIT, Palakkad for collaborative research. The areas identified for collaborative research are: Developing the green campus at IIT, Palakkad, Man-animal conflict, Model the carbon sequestration potential of different bamboos species, Sea shore restoration, Landslide prediction and Hydrological modeling, Large-scale application of bamboo and rattan in the construction sector, Molecular modeling, Developing instruments for sustainable harvest of NTFPs, Climate change prediction and modeling using plant functional traits, Identify and quantify invasive species of plants through image processing, Understanding the behavior pattern of invasive tortoises by recording and mapping the movement of each individual, Machine learning Algorithms for gene sequencing, Identifying suitable varieties of bamboo to develop a support frame for floating solar panels, Student, faculty, scientist, and staff exchange programmes and cooperation between them in appropriate academic and scientific programmes, Exchange of scientific and technical materials and conduct of joint conferences and workshops. 

Published on: October 28, 2022

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